Ataque En Titán


my favorite thing in the entire world is grading my student’s papers. if they doodle on their worksheets or mention something they like (listing an anime or show they enjoy as part of a essay response) i will spend a ridiculous amount of time drawing something on their worksheets. Usually one per class - everyone gets excited to see who got the drawing that week and it breaks up the monotony for me when grading


How I’m honestly afraid I’ll be as a teacher:

That’s me, but with 4th grade…


Fell for Tumblr Pro haha


Fell for Tumblr Pro haha


"Tumblr Pro"?


Nice try, tumblr.


found in an abandoned house. it really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? 

Makes me wonder why the fuck your dumb ass is standing in a house with goddamn bloody writing on the wall instead of hopping aboard the nope train to Fuckthatville

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